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Non-Research Appointments

Software Engineer (Mobile / Web Developer)
Engineering Team
Smart Systems Institute, National University of Singapore

We are looking for mobile app and web platform developers who loves to build new products and platforms with cutting-edge tools and technology, in making the innovations that will impact the world.

As part of the engineering team in the Smart Systems Institute (SSI), National University of Singapore, you’ll work in integrating the latest research technologies into digital products – in areas from healthcare, security, education to entertainment. This includes web platforms, mobile apps that provide location-based, information retrieval, big data visualization.

You’ll join a team with diverse background, from PhD graduates, veterans in game development to hardware makers and full-stack developers. You’ll get to sharpen your research, design & engineering skills, create awesome solutions, and gain valuable experiences for your future careers. It’ll be fun, and rewarding.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and build commercial applications, together with NUS research groups and technology
  • Develop, configure and deploy web/mobile applications/platforms for projects on geospatial data visualization, location-based services, machine learning, big data processing, social networking and information dashboards.
  • Interface & integrate with external tools, modules and libraries based on project needs (e.g. d3.js, socket.io, three.js)

Application Procedure:

Please submit your application electronically to e-mail address: idmjobs@nus.edu.sg


Research Appointments

Research Engineer (Web Developer)
Ambient Intelligence Lab
Smart Systems Institute, National University of Singapore

Founded in year 2007, the Ambient Intelligence (AMI) Lab is one of the cutting-edge research laboratories in the Smart Systems Institute (SSI), National University of Singapore. The AMI Lab is dedicated to develop innovative sentient systems and environments for user-inspired Interactive Digital Media applications

We are looking for a passionate individual who is knowledgeable in Web Technologies and keen to explore with us on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and localization systems.

Job Description:

The Web Developer is responsible for designing, coding and modifying the existing/new projects. You will be required to:

  • Build and deploy web-based GIS applications
  • Build and deploy Android applications
  • Manage MySQL databases
  • Build REST APIs based on requirements
  • Provide  core software engineering practices (Testing, Performance, Clean code)

Skill requirement:

  • Strong proficiency in web application development such as JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5.
  • Understanding Mobile Application development flow and must be familiar with Android applications.
  • Prior experience in managing both SQL database including but not limited to MySQL and Mongo DB.
  • Strong understanding of Git and GitFlow as well as experience in using version control tools such as Github and Bitbucket.
  • Knowledge and experience about implementing RESTful web services.
  • Familiar with deploying code into production environments through spinning up instance running on Ubuntu/Debian.

Knowledge of the following technology would be an advantage:

  • Geographical Information System
  • Localization


  • At least a bachelor degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/IT or related disciplines.

Application Procedure:

Please submit your application electronically to e-mail address: idmcpst@nus.edu.sg.