The launch ceremony of the 2017 Guangzhou T-Hero International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Singapore
14th June 2017
We do R&D on cross disciplinary problems related to data science/analytics, social media, IoT, AR/VR, and innovative hardware gadgets.
Our Projects
As a distributed deep-learning system featuring an architecture that supports both synchronous and asynchronous training frameworks, SINGA is capable of training large models over big datasets.
Being the world's first transformable game controller, NinjaTrack is an ideal add-on for a more immersive gaming experience.
Powered by a deep-learning framework that learns the food type from your photo entries, food(lg) makes journaling, nutrition tracking, social sharing of your food reviews and favourite places simple & fun.
Powered with wireless, rechargeable batteries and tiny as a bottle cap, ePoC can be embedded into everyday objects to make them something extraordinary.
Digital agriculture is now available with Risingreens. With this app, you can manage various farm-related tasks such as tracking your crop growth so that you can optimize on your resource deployment and increase operational efficiency.
MapVisuals transforms streams of spatial, temporal data into a visually enchanting display of colours & flowlines that will simplify your analysis and help discover hidden trends from big data sources.. presents a set of annotation platform tools to transform video into interactive content, where content creators can embed information for viewers to touch, share & comment.
SG Heritage Trails
Embark on a heritage trail through Singapore's historic landscape while you snap, post, comment and share your experiences with other heritage enthusiasts.
Catapy is a car that provides the fun of chasing. Catapy itself is a palm-sized motorized car covered by a caterpillar track, and it is able to run across a field freely even on an irregular ground. The user can enjoy the chasing of Catapy that runs tantivy.
Bottomless Joystick
We therefore developed a Bottomless Joystick that can represent a conventional joystick function in mid-air. By utilizing two servomotors and a counterweight, our device reproduces various force feedbacks such as the heaviness of the joystick and the gun effect.
Partners & Collaborators

SSI values the engagement with its partners and collaborators as we develop digital media technologies, transforming and reshaping the industry. Our pool of talented researchers, engineers and designers will work with you to develop innovative solutions which will make a difference to your business.

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